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27.05.2021 By Desta Roy, SVP, Client Experience

Revenge Travel: Summer’s Post-COVID-Cation

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Eighteen months ago, if someone asked me what “Revenge Travel” meant, my answer would have been a spontaneous singles trip prompted by a nasty breakup. Fast forward to now, and the definition still involves a breakup of sorts – not with a person but with a pandemic.

After many months spent “safer-at-home”, revenge travel offers the wanderlust-ridden the ultimate COVID retribution. With vaccines rolling out, restrictions lifting, and weather warming, experts predict a boom in summer travel bookings as long-starved adventurers spend their airline miles, use their vacation days, and stick it to the global pandemic one trip at a time.

However, like most things, the summer vacation we know and love will look a little different.

Long Weekends Aren’t Long Enough

With the rise in flexible work schedules, the days of racing out of work early on a Friday and making it back to the office by Monday morning are over. According to VRBO, longer stays are the way to truly getaway, with 75% of travelers saying they are more likely to book trips of at least seven nights.

Many of us might be scratching our heads to remember the last time we took a long vacation and how we spent so many days away. Custom itinerary and planning tools like this from our clients at OMNI hotels offer an easy way to find ideal destinations and inspiration to fill the days.

Nearcations Have Major Appeal

A renewed appreciation for the classic summer road trip will find us exploring areas closer to home. Not only are “nearcations” convenient, but often they are a more affordable option. For those still feeling the economic impact of the pandemic, this only adds to the appeal.

Recent data from Priceline shows local hotel stays are on the rise with travelers booking stays within their home state 10% more than in recent years. And according to an Airbnb 2021 Travel Report, 60% of bookings have been within 300 miles of home.

Self-Care Reigns Supreme

Life in lockdown took a mental and physical toll. Fortunately, summer travel offers a way to heal the mind and body. Demand for curated, wellness-centered travel is rising as vacationers seek to relieve stress and restore balance in their upended lives. Retreats and workshops that offer exercise, mediation, holistic healing, nutrition, and adventures in wide-open spaces invite us to take a deep breath and rediscover relaxation.

In Search of Eco-Conscious Experiences 

While sheltering at home, many of us sought socially distanced solace in nature. From daily walks to outdoor workouts, the pandemic has allowed us to reconnect with nature and rekindle our appreciation for the environment. This has propelled the ecotourism industry to new heights as travelers seek sustainable experiences that help them conserve the environment, sustain local economies, and learn about all things Mother Nature.

At Current Global, we believe travel represents a moment that truly has the power to move us, literally and figuratively. We help brands connect to these powerful slices of life to influence behavior – and we thrive on solving the toughest business challenges. So as summer revenge travel beckons, let’s connect to discuss how our team can help your brand own the moment.

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