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Omidyar Network India.



COVID-19 has had a huge impact on the socio—economic stability of India. And Omidyar Network India , an investment firm focused on social impact recognized that the lockdown presented a great challenge to India’s “Next Half Billion”: the vendors, daily wage earners, gig-economy workers and small businesses that the country relies on. To help address this segment of the population, Omidyar Network India promptly announced its Rapid Response Funding Initiative.  The goal was to use the purpose-focused capital pool of Rs 10.75 crores to create immediate impact given the urgency and scale of the crisis

On the right hand side, there is a photograph of a smiling Indian lady wearing a red sari. On the left hand side there is a headline to explain that the picture is about Omidyar Network India and its funding for small businesses post COVID.
On the left hand side, there is a photograph of an Indian man using his laptop computer. He has a wall of confectionery behind him. It appears to be his small confectionery shop. On the right hand side there are bullet pointed facts and figures about Omidyar Network India and its funding for small businesses post COVID.


#RespondToCovid19, our integrated communications approach focused on spreading the word about the funding among the startup community.  We wanted to build awareness to help bring in quality proposals to alleviate the crisis for those belonging to the bottom 60% of India’s economic distribution. We worked with Omidyar Network India to build dialogue around the responsibilities of impact investors in times of Covid-19 and the potential for Covid-19 related solutions for NHB through our media outreach and digital plan. We supported the firm’s efforts to rollout their Rapid Response Funding Initiative and build awareness of the projects and entrepreneurs supported. Our outreach plan and oped strategy backed by timely social media updates helped us inspire and support entrepreneurs with a purpose.


  • We received over 2000 proposals for the Rapid Response Funding from non-profit & for-profit organizations looking to help find solutions to COVID-led problems.
  • Proposals, including collaborations between multiple organizations, focused on community outreach & mobilization initiatives, tech-led solutions, ways of aiding economic resilience of lower income populations, as well as research & fact-based inputs to inform future policy.​

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