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Accessible communications in the workplace.


Centred on the theme of Accessibility, the London team supported Microsoft with their EMEA campaign called “The Fifth”, which aimed to highlight the business value of embracing accessibility. The team created fully accessible assets for the campaign which was designed to raise awareness of Microsoft’s built-in accessibility solutions among European business decision makers (BDMs).

Graphic that shows the shortcut to Powerpoint Designer help on a computer screen.
Graphic image that demonstrates a blurred out background on Microsoft Teams.


We created a series of visuals to support the company’s wider storytelling around Accessibility. This included  The Fifth visuals which explored how businesses that are not embracing accessibility are ‘missing a fifth’ of their opportunity, as well as The Worklife Hack series which highlighted Microsoft tools and features which are useful for all workers, including those with disabilities.



  • Our images were amplified across social and also used to direct people to other content in the campaign series, including the interactive BDM quiz, which was aimed to raise awareness of the importance of accessibility in the workplace.
Graphic image of the Mona Lisa with a fifth of its paint missing.

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