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04.04.2024 By Current Global.

Five Years, 210 Million Heartbeats and Always Human-First.

Animated image of Current Global logo and bouncing 5th birthday balloon.

As we hit the five-year mark at Current Global, it’s a bit surreal to see how far we’ve come. It feels like only yesterday that we started this adventure, yet here we are, celebrating half a decade of moments that have genuinely moved the needle. Our CEO, George Coleman, says it’s been 210 million heartbeats since the beginning, and every beat has been a story of connection, creativity, and human spirit.

Renee Austin, our Global Chief Client & Growth Officer, is just as astounded by the speed of our growth—our family has doubled in size, and our work has doubled in impact. We’ve navigated through some of the toughest times, yet emerged stronger and more united, with award-winning work to show for it.

Every region has its tale of triumph. Read on as some of our leaders worldwide share their reflections on our five-year journey.


We’re five years old? Seems like it’s gone by in a flash.

But the reality is that it’s been over 210 million heartbeats since Current Global was born.

And much can happen in a heartbeat. We can take a leap, create a lasting memory, sign the deal of a lifetime, fall in love, lose on red, or win on black.

But our hearts beat faster when we feel that spark—that special something that makes us feel emotionally connected to people, ideas, and experiences that inspire us.

When I look back at all the incredible work we’ve done over the past five years and all the sparks we’ve creatively ignited on behalf of our clients, I wonder how many extra heartbeats we’ve been responsible for.

I truly believe that human connection has never been more important than it is today. I’m proud that we’re human-first in all we do as an agency. From our inclusive, people-first culture to our Accessible by Design movement, which Fast Company recognized as a ‘world-changing idea’, we have and continue to make a positive difference.

As communicators, we can play a hugely important role in helping connect the world better. And by finding the right spark, we can make it beat a little faster, too.

RENEE AUSTIN, Global Chief Client & Growth Officer.

I can’t believe it’s already been five years since Current’s reinvention from a North American, consumer agency to a global, midsize firm specializing in consumer, corporate, healthcare and technology. Our growth in the last five years has been amazing: doubling our revenue, doubling our headcount across the world, and year after year of award-winning work, with last year being our most award-winning year yet.

Those achievements are impressive, but there are other milestones that mean even more.

After our reinvention in 2019 as Current Global, we had a year of impressive growth. Soon after, 2020 came in with a bang: a global health crisis, social unrest in the U.S., and companies and brands struggling for counsel on how to react, respond, survive and thrive in the face of immense challenges. That year was tough on everyone. But it was also one of the most rewarding, as we witnessed and shepherded the resiliency of our people, our clients and our world. People clashed, but they also came together. Brands were scared, but they also spoke up, stepped out and stood up for what was right. The human spirit prevailed.

Over the last five years, we’ve won new business with global companies and leading brands. From pizza to medical devices to supply chain giants to big tech, our client mix is as diverse and interesting as our people.

And speaking of team, I’m so proud of our Current Global talent. Over the years, we’ve added new leadership and bench strength in strategy, creative, integrated media, sports marketing, new business development, inclusive communications and more. When I interview prospective candidates at Current, I always tell them that we employ great people. And yes, I mean strong talent. But I also mean good humans. We are a human-first communications agency, and that starts with the big brains and big hearts of our Current people. I’m lucky to call them my co-workers.

I’m excited as we look to the future. At Current, we believe that sparking human connections is a brand’s greatest Currency. That spark – that Current, if you will – can ignite movements, mindsets and moments that make good companies and brands great.

Onward and upward in 2024 and beyond!

SHASHIKANT V. SOMESHWAR: SVP, Business Operations APAC & Managing Director, India.

Our fifth anniversary marks a momentous occasion to reflect on our journey, accomplishments, and the values that define us. Over the past five years, Current Global has evolved into a dynamic force in the PR industry. We embody the energy of a start-up while delivering impactful campaigns and ideas that resonate.

I believe that the depth of our talent forms the backbone of our success. We prioritize nurturing emerging leaders, fostering a culture where they can learn, innovate, and grow.

Our commitment to invest in meaningful connections, inclusivity and innovation has propelled us forward, to deliver results. Our human-first approach lies at the heart of everything we do. It bridges the gap between people and brands, driving our collective success.

As we celebrate this milestone, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has been part of our journey. Here’s to five years of excellence.

Cheers to the exciting journey ahead at Current Global!

PETE JACOB, Managing Director, MENAT.

As the 18-month-old baby Middle East sibling, we’ve seen the Current Global human-first mindset, Accessible by Design movement and people-first culture spark interest and conversations across the industry with clients, people and the wider industry.

We launched Current Global MENAT with the ambition of creating a different kind of PR agency in the region, combining the connections, client portfolio and benefits of a global network with the freedom, hunger, flexibility and attitude of a boutique. In just over a year, we’re proud to have achieved a lot of major firsts with an accessible story that hasn’t been seen, heard or done before.

We’re only just getting started. Stay Current. Stay Global.

VERONICA DE ZORZI, Managing Director, Brazil.

Five years is an emblematic number. Throughout our history, five has always indicated the end of a cycle and the start of a new phase in our lives. It’s the courtship that turns into marriage, the conquest of an asset after an investment, the time at a firm that turns into recognition, the arrival of personal and professional maturity.

It is no different in businesses: long-lasting partnerships and endless learning are celebrated, contributions and achievements are recognized, performances and models are evaluated and, finally, an identity is consolidated.

This fifth year of Current Global brings this and more: the strength of a young brand walking among giants, its power to reinvent itself, to remain relevant in its delivery and purpose, and a spark that inspires and provokes change. That spark is the people who make our business hot, alive, pulsating and innovative.

In this new cycle, we are proud to be Current Global, an agency with a spark of unique brilliance, connecting people and brands, society and purpose, innovation and the future in the countless realities that touch us.

Here’s to the next five!


CARRIE WU, Head of China.

The first five years of an individual’s life are what’s needed to establish a fundamental understanding of the world. However, the first five years of an exceptional enterprise mark just the beginning of its next glorious chapter.

The China branch of Current Global resonates with the global in our name, and is proud to have been part of this first five-year growth cycle from the outset.

We work as a team with outstanding colleagues worldwide, sharing resources and have gained recognition and trust from clients in industries including technology, FMCG, luxury goods, and healthcare.

Looking to the future, we are really looking forward to embracing more exciting five year cycles and supporting even more clients in creating sparks through telling their vivid and distinctive brand stories.

ROSMARIE DAMMLER, Managing Director, Germany.

Happy anniversary Current Global and Current Global Germany! It’s really hard to believe how quickly the last five years have passed.

Current Global Germany started more or less at the same time—almost five years ago—as a new brand within IPG. It was an exciting time, as some of us—including myself—moved as an already existing agency team under the IPG umbrella to become Current Global Germany.

What happened in the last five years?

With our focus and expertise in healthcare, we embarked on our journey. We moved to a bigger office, our team grew, and we gained new, inspiring colleagues. We got involved in the vibrant network of IPG, in Current Global on a global level, and in the different teams of The Weber Shandwick Collective (TWSC) in Germany.

Over the last five years, we have successively taken on more projects from our largest customer in the pharmaceutical industry. We have established ourselves as genuine partners thanks to the close alignment between various IPG and Current Global teams. We have benefited immensely from the lively exchange between global and local teams and the different skills, experiences and creative power that that brings.

Celebrating Current Global’s 5th anniversary is an opportunity to recognize the achievements of the past and look to the future. With the same enthusiasm and determination, Current Global Germany will continue to develop innovative solutions to meet the changing needs of our clients and consolidate our position as an industry leader.

We are extremely proud to be part of Current Global, and we appreciate the international exchange and team spirit that come from colleagues all around the globe. We are fully committed to being “The Human First Agency.”

Happy 5th anniversary! May the years ahead be as successful and inspiring as the first five.

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